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FileIce Premium Account-FileIce Premium Downloader / Bypass FileIce Surveys For Free

Do you have important files to download on FileIce,but you can't?

Do you have important files to download on FileIce but you don't have surveys for your country?

Well,here is the answer for all your questions.I am sharing from 20 to 40 accounts per day. 

Yeah! What you had heard is correct.Its 20 to 40 accounts per day.Each account is credited with atleast 5 premium credits upto 50. So, If you really need a Fileice Premium account,then hit the download button and complete a small survey.


Well,You may ask us why they are protected by surveys?

The answer is we spend so much on fileice in buying premium creds.To prevent from spam,from miss use and to count number of downloads,they are locked by surveys.If you complete a small survey,then you can download many files from fileice with premium credits without completing extra surveys.Its profit to both of us.

I know,you hate surveys even i also hate them.To get success,hard work is needed.       

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                               Click on the image below to start your download. 

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                Accounts Will Be Updated Every 24 Hours.

Single Premium Account With 950+ FileIce Premium Credits:


Go to the page "BladePro Account"  OR  Click Here.

We have decided to protect the file with a gateway lock, meaning that you have to fill in a short survey to get your Free Fileice Premium Account to prevent the accounts from spam and from miss use.The surveys are free and only take about a minute.

Well,you may ask us the proof.Here is the proof:

NOTE:Please Don't Change The Passwords.
(Thanks for Understanding)